International Students

You can follow the current developments on the WEB page of our university and the WEB page of the Council of Higher Education.

The applications of students who meet the conditions specified in the Ondokuz Mayıs University International Student Application and Admission Directive at the Associate and Undergraduate Level on our website are evaluated.

Our university conducts a YÖS exam. For detailed information about the International Student Exam conducted by our university, please visit the page:

The exam results of the Universities that recognize the OMU-YÖS exam results and the International exams mentioned in the Directive are accepted.

Yes. We give priority to candidates who have the OMU-YÖS Exam result. In case of a vacancy, candidates with other national and international exam result certificates, and in case of a further vacancy, applications made with a diploma are taken.

Candidates who have not yet graduated from high school must submit an official letter (provisional graduation certificate) from their high school, including their diploma score and diploma date, stating that they will be able to graduate.

Associate's degree: 2, Bachelor's degree: 4, Master's degree: 2, Doctorate degree: 4 years (Faculty of Medicine: 6, Faculty of Dentistry: 5, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: 5).

The language of education at our university is Turkish.

The Turkish Language Level of our university is C1, which is the diploma level. Students who do not speak Turkish or are unsuccessful in language exemption exams are directed to the Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Center of our University or a different Turkish Education Center. After reaching the Diploma Level, they can continue their academic education in the program they are enrolled in. For detailed information:

Application dates are announced on our University's web page. Please follow the institutional notifications published on our website regularly.

If you send an e-mail to the e-mail address included in the application program, we will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

No. A candidate can apply only once in an application period. Candidates who apply more than once will be rejected. The priority of our university is the OMU-YÖS Exam Result Certificate. Please do not forget this when applying for preference.

You will be responsible for the documents not reaching us sent by e-mail or for any problems that may arise. In order to avoid any issues, such as missing documents or documents not reaching us, you need to contact us to check the documents.

Candidates entitled to be a student carry out their final registration by submitting the final registration documents listed in the Ondokuzmayıs University Directive on Admission of Students from Abroad within the dates specified in the academic calendar.

Registered students must submit their high school diplomas and/or transcripts with other application documents.

After the placements, the International Student Unit, which operates under the Directorate of Student Affairs, prepares an acceptance letter in line with your request and sends this letter to the address you specify. With the acceptance letter you receive, you are expected to complete the process yourself by applying for your study visa in person.

Tuition Fees are paid at the beginning of each semester between the dates specified in the Academic Calendar. You can find detailed information about the fees on our WEB page.

It is determined by the University Administrative Board not to exceed the upper limit of "student current service fee cost" determined by the Council of Ministers every year and published on our website.

Our university does not offer long-term accommodation on campus. The student is responsible for their accommodation.

International students can benefit from exchange programs (Mevlana, Erasmus, Farabi).