Exams and Assessment

You can object to the exam grade entries by submitting a petition to the relevant unit (Department Head) within five working days from the last day of entry into the student automation system as specified in the academic calendar .

There is no make-up exam right. The failed internship is retaken.

In faculties, schools and vocational schools, students who cannot attend any of the midterm exams for justified and valid reasons may be given an excuse exam with the decision of the relevant board of directors.

Students notify their requests regarding their excuses with a petition to the relevant Deanship/Directorates within one week after the end of the excuse. Those who do not apply within this period are deemed to have waived their rights.

In the units with the course passing system, the success score of a course is the sum of 40% of the semester evaluation score and 60% of the score obtained from the final or make-up exam, and in the Faculty of Dentistry, 50% of the semester evaluation score and 50% of the final or make-up exam score.

A student not meeting the compulsory attendance of a course cannot take the make-up exam of that course.

In order to be considered successful in a course, the semester/year-end or make-up exam score must be at least 50, and the success score must be at least 60. Distance education students' success score is 20% of the midterm exam and 80% of the final exam score or make-up exam.

If you have taken all the courses defined in your curriculum but have only one course left for your graduation, you can take a single course exam for that course. If you apply to your unit with a petition within one week following the make-up exams and your application is deemed appropriate, you can take the single course exam to be opened by the units within ten days.

You will be considered successful if you get at least CC without the requirement of a midterm exam.

It is a system that determines the success level of the students by taking into account the weighted average calculated according to their midterm and final exam contribution rates and the scores of other students taking that course.

Yes. If your raw success score is below 20, you are not included in the relative evaluation and receive a grade of FF.

Yes. Students who score below 50 out of 100 points are considered unsuccessful but are included in the relative assessment.

Yes. If the number of students is ten or less, students are subjected to absolute evaluation. 11 to 29 are evaluated according to different criteria, and 30 and above are evaluated according to different criteria.