Freezing Registration - Exmatriculation

Yes, students may be granted a suspension of enrollment upon the decision of the relevant board of directors in case of proven important reasons or in cases of scholarships, internships, research and similar opportunities outside the University that will contribute to their education and training.

You may freeze registration for a maximum of four semesters/two years during the study period, up to two semesters at a time.

If you are assigned by the University, you will be considered on leave for the duration of your assignment. However, including the period of leave of absence, the total number of absences cannot exceed 50% of the total hours of a course in that semester/year.

If your registration freeze request is accepted by the relevant board of directors, you do not need to pay the tuition fee.

The registration freeze periods are not counted within the education period.

It will be sufficient to submit the extramatriculation form filled out by you to the directorate of student affairs after having it approved at the centers specified on the form. With the deletion of your enrollment, your right to be a student ends.