You are entitled to receive a diploma if you successfully complete all the requirements of the education program you are enrolled in, such as courses, practices, and internships, according to the provisions of OMU Education, Training, and Examination Regulations and if your GPA is 2.00 or higher.

If you are a student enrolled in an undergraduate program, you can receive an associate degree diploma provided that you have successfully completed the first four semesters of the program, have achieved a GPA of at least 2.00, and, if responsible, have successfully passed the foreign language exemption exam.

Diplomas can be obtained by applying to the Diploma Unit of the Directorate of Student Affairs from the dates specified in the calendar announced on our website at the end of the semester with your student and national ID cards.

You can get your diploma if you apply to the Diploma Unit of the Directorate of Student Affairs with your national identity card. If you are unable to come personally, you can give a notary proxy and have your representative obtain your diploma, or if you are working in a public institution, if requested by an official letter, it is sent to your institution with an official letter.

Students who graduated in 2002 and before could not have their graduation information transferred to the YÖKSİS database because they did not have a Turkish Identity Number. If your graduation information is not found on e-government, the form on our website must be filled in completely and sent to the fax number +90 362 457 60 12 together with a copy of the identity card. In order for your information entered into the system to be displayed on e-government, the person must update their information from the education status information section on their ÖSYM ADMISSION CANDIDATE OPERATIONS page.

A 2nd copy diploma is issued to our graduates who have lost their diplomas. For the 2nd copy diploma to be issued, it is necessary to apply to the Directorate of Student Affairs in person or by mail with the documents specified in the diploma-transcript header under the services menu of our website.

Our students continuing their education can obtain their transcript by personally applying to the department/program secretariats. Our graduated students can get their transcripts by personally applying to the Diploma Unit of the Directorate of Student Affairs; if they are unable to come, they can request the transcript be sent to their address with a petition. One (1) transcript document is free of charge, and if more than one is requested, 3 (three) transcripts can be obtained by sending a receipt of a 10₺ deposit to the following accounts: T.C. Ziraat Bank OMU branch 14799712382-5017, IBAN: TR 37 000 100 1479 0971 23 82 5017, IBAN: TR 37 000 100 1479 0971 23 82 5017