Special Student

You must have completed at least one semester of associate degree programs and two semesters of undergraduate programs.

You must apply to the relevant unit of our University until (15) days before the start of the academic semester.

You must apply with the positive decision of the unit's board of directors you are enrolled in, a document showing your disciplinary status, a transcript, and a petition. In addition, students applying due to health/family/life safety issues must provide the following documents: a medical report obtained from university or public hospitals within the last six months documenting life-threatening conditions, students with neurological and musculoskeletal problems that prevent independent living, students who are deemed necessary to stay with their families with a medical report obtained from university or public hospitals and approved by the chief physician, the emergence of a risk that threatens the safety of life and property, provided that it is officially documented.

You must apply with a petition to the relevant Faculty/School with the documents listed in the Special Student Directive.

You must apply to the unit where you are accepted as a special student (the Directorate of Student Affairs if you are in the Central Campus or to the relevant unit if you are outside the Central Campus) and make your final registration.

You need to go to your Faculty/School to find your advisor and complete your course registration process.

The duration of special student status is determined as maximum 1 year at a time. However, if the conditions for benefiting from the special student status continue, the University senate may decide to continue the special student status with the proposal of the relevant unit board of directors.

Yes. You should continue to pay tuition fees to your home University as your student rights continue at your home University.