Course Registration (Registration Renewal)

Yes, our newly enrolled students are also required to register for courses.

You have to register for your courses within the periods specified in the academic calendar of the unit you are studying in. Academic calendars can be found on the web page of the Directorate of Student Affairs.

The Academic Calendar is the plan determined by the University Senates including all education and training processes such as registration renewal, adding or dropping courses, deadlines for academic subjects, exam start and end dates. You have to complete all your procedures between the dates specified in the Academic Calendar.

Students who fail to renew their registration on the specified dates are deemed not to have renewed their registration of the relevant semester and cannot benefit from student rights.

Freshman students have to take all courses of the semester in which they are enrolled.

Starting from the end of the first semester; after taking the courses that you have previously taken and failed, if any, and the course or courses that you have not taken in the semesters you have studied, you can take courses from the upper class according to the grade point average formed at the end of each semester, staying within the credit limits.

Yes. First of all, you need to register for the course(s) you failed and the courses you did not take in the previous semester within the credit limits.

Yes. When choosing a course from UBS, you need to select the elective course you want to take and complete the process of replacing the other elective course. If you do not complete the process of replacing the other elective course, you may face problems in the folloeing semester.

If the compulsory attendance of the retaken courses has been fulfilled, compulsory attendance is not sought again. However, you will be required to attend the new elective course you have chosen instead of the elective course you failed.

Course registration is done by logging in to

You can reset your password by contacting the department secretary of the department where you are studying, if you cannot reach your secretary, you can reset your password by calling 0 362 312 19 40. Then you can create your password again by clicking the CREATE FIRST PASSWORD link on

You can take 30 ECTS courses in a semester. However, depending on your success, you can take additional courses of 6, 10, 12 or 15 ECTS.

Depending on your lesson plans, your courses may not appear in the system because the course has been removed, the code has changed, the course has not been opened or the course has been opened incompletely. In this case, contact your advisor. However, do not complete your course registration until the problem is solved.

You should first try to take the other elective or group course you can take. If all the quotas are full, you should contact your advisor.

Yes. Make sure of advisor approval. Course registrations without advisor approval are invalid and you will not be able to attend the courses and exams. The responsibility belongs entirely to the student.

Try contacting your department head. If you cannot reach your department head, you should inform your Dean/Director and make sure that the advisor approval is carried out within the period specified in the academic calendar. If no authorized person can be reached, you can send an e-mail to about your problem with the system.

You need to pay attention to three important issues in course registration: The curriculum status check at the beginning of each semester in order not to extend the semester by taking insufficient course credits, completing the registration within the period specified in the academic calendar and advisor approval.

The curriculum is the courses you have to complete in the program you are studying. If you fail to complete one or more of the courses in the curriculum, you will not be eligible for graduation.

You should access your curriculum information and transcript in the student information management system and compare the courses you have taken and succeeded in with your curriculum at the beginning of each registration period.

After the advisor approval process is completed, check the courses you have registered for one by one. One or more of the courses you have sent for advisor approval may have been removed from the list by your advisor.

Yes, please sign your name on the attendance/absenteeism signature on the class attendance list taken from the system.

If your name is not on the list, there is a problem with your registration and you should contact your advisor immediately.

Yes. The advisor can use this right within the scope of Article 10, Paragraph 3 of Ondokuz Mayıs University Education and Examination Regulations.

This is the process that you can do by contacting your advisor within the periods specified in the Academic Calendar for the elective courses that are not opened or for the courses you want to change.

During course registration, the courses will be offered in two alternatives: REMOTE EDUCATION and FACE-TO-FACE EDUCATION. You have to choose the type of education you want at the first registration stage. If you choose distance education, you have to pay the fee.